Bonrix Missed Call Alert

Introducing Bonrix Missed Call Alert—a powerful and innovative solution designed to enhance customer engagement, gather leads, and provide valuable insights through missed call interactions. This cutting-edge service allows businesses to effortlessly capture customer interest and trigger automated responses, creating a seamless and interactive communication channel. Bonrix Missed Call Alert is your gateway to responsive customer interactions and data-driven business strategies.

Bonrix Missed Call Alert is android app keeping record of missed call. The app on receiving incoming call hangup it (disconnect it) automatically after specified time and will generate reply sms to the caller via web based sms or sims based sms.

Further to it, this app will keep records of all missed call and notify any web URL for any new missed call.

This app is useful for CRM where leaded get generated automatically on each new missed call.

Key Features:
1. Lead Generation: Utilize missed calls as a lead generation tool, enabling potential customers to express interest without incurring charges.
2. Automated Responses: Set up automated responses such as thank-you messages, promotional offers, and informational content to engage customers instantly.
3. Instant Callbacks: Initiate immediate callbacks to missed call numbers, providing real-time interactions and addressing customer inquiries promptly.
4. Opt-in Campaigns: Implement opt-in campaigns, allowing customers to subscribe to updates, newsletters, and promotional content with a simple missed call.
5. Interactive Contests: Conduct engaging contests and polls using missed call interactions, fostering customer participation and brand awareness.
6. Feedback Collection: Gather valuable customer feedback through missed call surveys, enabling data-driven improvements to products and services.
7. Multi-Channel Integration: Seamlessly integrate missed call alerts with other communication channels for a holistic customer engagement strategy.
8. Real-time Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics and reports on missed call interactions, enabling insights into customer behavior and campaign effectiveness.
9. User-Friendly Setup: Bonrix Missed Call Alert offers a user-friendly interface for easy campaign setup and management.
10. Data Security: Prioritize the security of customer information and interactions with advanced encryption and authentication features


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